Who is Roderic Roig?

Who is Roderic Roig?

“Maybe because I love gambling and wine. I have a sailor soul” as Serrat used to say, I am right here, in front of my IPAD, talking to an unknown audience, but with a bandit mind like mine. You should be asking yourself; Who is this Roderic Roig, who interferes between Eulalia and me? Well, my dear Friends, I have to inform you that I have been here for more than 30 years!

I used to work on a bank, according to my father wishes. Indeed, thanks to that, and the number of incomings, I had lots of time to invest in the biggest pleasures I could find. Now, as a retired man, I have more time for padel, music, and introducing myself to you as a troubadour of our beloved Eulalia, who knows me pretty well on her wisdom and offered me this place to tell you all those amazing stories that she can’t, or dare to tell.

As a good troubadour, I will recommend you the most exciting places, the restaurants that impressed me, and the clubs where can always find the darkest games.


The “ Orgasm journal” will be my second relief, if you know what I mean…

While Eulalia will be fully focused on the agency, this will be my window to her humid universe. I have always been a voyeur, I can t deny it. They also define me as extravagant, what they call a hípster these days, but I think I am just eccentric by my own choice.

I will be the spokesman of her secretiveness; let’s explore Eulalia Roig’s internal world.

My name is Roderic Roig.

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