Postmodern Escorts

Postmodern Escorts

Moral or immorality; our slogan is the respect and free will of exercising prostitution freely.” Eulalia Roig

The RAE (Royal Spanish Academy) describes prostitution as the activity of whom maintains sexual encounters with other people for money. There is not any ethical or religious concept in that description, but it is often been criticized and harmed by a part of the society, Prostitution as it is, dates back to centuries ago, but in Eulalia Roig, we understand our activities as a postmodern company service.

Prostitution doesn’t harm any of the involved parts if its a free will desition. On the other side, prohibition causes marginalization, hiding and sexual abuse. Also, it deteriorates sanitary controls. That is why we don t believe in widespread views of the women victimism. For us, it is a free and private choice, which is born for a need. Monetary or sexual. We are not worth you judge it. What for some people can be immoral or degrading, can be exciting and pleasurable for others.

 Our post-modern escorts, No matter if they are married women or college student girls, sign in with us freely, There is not exploitation, human trafficking or submission.

Moral or not, our slogan is the respect for the will, personal and private of every girl who works with us.

Because we believe in freedom, transparency, and safety, our commitment is the inquire of our own sexuality, instead of sexual exploitation.

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