The best aphrodisiac is…

The best aphrodisiac is…

We usually get struck with spring fever and it’s known that we are “full of the joys of spring”. As we know, those sentences are a compilation of common knowledge,its relied on all the experiences and knowledge in your life. So we better think that those facts are true. In our case, let s focus on why spring time is the most sexual period.

Sun is our best ally


Sunlight is considered as the most powerful natural nutrient. Sunbathing a few minutes per day helps us to feel happier, overcome sadness and healing health problems because it improves our immune system and the defenses of our body.

Sunbathing helps in the synthesis of D-vitamin, which helps our organism to better absorb calcium from the foods, fixing it to our bones.

Lots of studies reveal that sunlight raises male libido, due to the levels of testosterone I who are increased by D vitamin which is produced by our organism after receiving sunlight.

Why is this happening?

Hormone revolution

With the increase of sunlight, the flowering, the pollination, and air pressure, Our sexual desire gets multiplied, helping us to increase our state of mind. And this is because of the Hormone release which influences positively in our organism.

  • Oxytocin ( Know as the love hormone)
  • Dopamine (The pleasure hormone)
  • Serotonin ( state of mind)
  • Noradrenaline (alleviates stress)
  • Luteinizing ( ovulation and fertility)
  • Pheromones (Hormones of attraction)

Welcome summer!

The AEPS (Spanish sexology professionals association) ensures that sexual consultations are always increasing in springtime..

With the good weather, our state of mind is increased, and we are more willing to have more social, sentimental and sexual relationships.

Thanks to his benefits, Sunlight its a natural antidepressant, which allows us to process 90% of D vitamin, the other 10% is processed by having healthy feeding. And this is where springtime provides us with one of the most aphrodisiac fruits, strawberries. They help us have a good sexual tone besides the pleasure of eating them!


This essential nutrient can also be obtained by consuming some alfoods, as milk products, cereals or fishes like salmon, sardines or tuna.

The Medical University of Graz (Austria) discovered that men with higher levels of D. vitamin had better levels of testosterone. This levels increased a lot in August, where the libido increased to the record.  After March, the levels of D- vitamin were increasing, after having his lower levels in Winter.

The environment

With Good weather, we want to be on the streets, wear lighter clothes and be more social. This has a lot of influence in our dressing code, our relationships, and our libido.

Springtime and summertime are the seasons with the highest desire rates. We cannot forget that we are animals, and we are in mating time. Family planning centers are more visited during these stations, which indicates a bigger desire for sex during Good weather.

It is also very interesting to compare it with studies from other less sunny countries, which indicates to us that the conception rate is lower than in sunnier countries. Beside this fact, most of the births are also in springtime.

Sport is also very important because in summer, going out and practicing sport helps us to regulate our sexual hormone levels, relax and forget about stress.

Climatic change


Global warming also affects our desires and relationships, because every spring, has got higher rates of births. This as a big impact in our sexual prediction; warmer weather, higher sexual desire. The sales of condoms and viagra are increasing by 15% those days, according to the Spanish Sexology Society studies.

Besides all these studies, the key to success depends on us. If we don’t have a positive attitude, and the environment stimulations are not appropriate, we won’t have those dreamed desires. If we want to increase positively our sexual desire, we have to take care of our relationships, stimulate them, create moments with our partner and let your imagination fly…

The brain is the key to stimulate all our senses.

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