Swinging is a sexual fantasy that many share but few dare to bring into reality. Swinging is a social activity involves couples gathering to share their sexuality. In Barcelona this takes place mostly at establishments called “Locales Liberales” – open-minded clubs. This practice originated before AIDS was perceived as a threat. Upper-class couples from USA in the 70’s used to gather, party, and put tokens with the ladies’ names in a little bag, and the men’s in another. A token was randomly chosen from each bag, and the resulting couple went to another room or to a car and had sex.

We can see this happening, for example, in the movie “The ice storm”. In the past, due to the machistic view of life and vocabulary, this game was known as wife-swapping. More recently, the name evolved since it is not men who lend their wives to other men; it is instead the couple that steps into the game together and in agreement: couple-swapping. Moreover, the name was not fully appropriate, since swinging also involves activities such as voyeurism (one member of the couple watching as the other one has sex with a third person) or exhibitionism (having a third person or more people watching a coupled engaged in the sexual act). The degree of involvement in swinging may vary. “Soft-swinging” or “soft-swap” involves only kissing, caressing and oral sex with a third or fourth person, but not intercourse.

This may happen in the context of a couple-swap, in threesomes, group sex or large orgies. “Full-swap” usually involves intercourse with somebody different than your significant other. Although this activity is generally viewed as the main purpose of swinging, it is not necessarily the most commonly practiced. In other words, swinging includes many sexual activities besides intercourse. The naughty and spicy side of swinging stems from the sense of belonging that unites a couple, and the “leave” that they give each other in order to engage in sex with a third person or more. However, some swingers may exhibit bizarre behavior. A couple told us that, in the mood of exploring, went with another couple with whom they were friends, to a swinging club.

The mood heated up after some drinks, and the evening finished in a couple-swap. From that moment, the other couple would avoid them, and never went out with them again. Sometimes, after red hot intimacy, total coldness may follow. Maybe in this story is the secret: the spice in swinging comes from doing it with somebody once and never repeat, since what is unknown can be misteriously sexy, and what is known may become routine.

After many years of experience, I know of many exclusive swinging clubs in Barcelona and Madrid. You can visit them in the company of one of our high-class ladies, young or mature, university student or married woman, and fully enjoy the mistery and your sexuality. You will find there naked discos, dark rooms, round beds, but above all, respect and fun.

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