Busty Barcelona Escorts – Luxury Escorts with big tits

Busty Barcelona Escorts – Luxury Escorts with big tits
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It’s no one’s mystery that most of the Escorts requested by men have large breast. This is by far one of the most requested features compared to other tastes. And if you think this is because a social convention or pure coincidence, keep reading because we’ll try to explain why men are so obsessed with Escorts with big boobs.

We’ll make a review about the ideal sizes for men, and why men prefer busty Escorts.


Busty Barcelona Escorts

Escort tetona Alma


Medidas : 90 cm – 63 cm – 93 cm

Escort tetona Desire


Medidas : 100 cm – 65 cm – 94 cm

Escort tetona Lorena


Medidas : 100 cm – 60 cm – 90 cm

Escort tetona Milena


Medidas : 93 cm – 58 cm – 87 cm

Escort tetona Nuria


Medidas : 100 cm – 62 cm – 90 cm

Escort tetona Marie


Medidas : 95 cm – cm – cm

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According to Science, big breast are more attractive.

Nowadays, there is a research for almost everything, and since boobs can’t be less important, there are some researches related to the attraction from men to busty women and escorts.

In one of the research: they picked a group of women with different bra sizes, some of them stuffed, and took them to different bars across the city where they sat alone.

As you may expect, the biggest the tits, more men were hitting up on them.

Another ocular movement research, shows men behavior in front of different boobs sizes. Those women whose breast where smaller attracted men attention, but most men were looking more the busty ones.

This was also proven by the bras industry, who sells many stuffed bras nowadays, especially since 1914 right after the first one was invented.

Then in 1948 the industry introduced the world famous “push-up” and finally, in 1994 Wonderbra arrived and started to be the standard, redefining the concept of push-up.

Although we have to check on the other side: we got fans for the small breasts as well.

Small boobs Escorts 

Although most men prefer busty Escorts, there are many options and some men chooses small boobs over the big ones. Many Escorts with small breast are requested as well. Boobs are mostly fat, and the bigger the boobs, the bigger the body. If we take a look to America only, a third of the population is obese, including women. If we take into consideration that boobs are made of fat, it’s logic that average bra sizes increase, therefore, many research have a error base.

Top model shows a complete different reality, where their small tits are the sensation and almost non existent. And it isn’t just fashion, it is something that is present in worldwide runways showing a tendene. Also, this fashion models ends up married to celebrities, showing that there are many tastes on different breast size.

The main reason to choose an Escort with little boobs, is the assurance that we wont be with a girl with boobjobs, a feature that some men wants over the fact of having big boobs of less pleasant touching.

80’s and 90’s pornography had an impact in our way to see the ladies body, and you can tell by checking out one of the most popular magazines, Playboy, featuring only women with large tits. This tendency was keep till today, when you can find on Internet actresses with all breast sizes.

Large breast and evolution hypothesis

According to some cave paintings dating from 35000 years ago, something pictured like ancient porn, the draws, showing women with large breast and wide hips, maybe desired by their better procreation skills. Same way we usually talk about large penises to increase fertility chances, although recent researches shows that is doesn’t work that way.

It’s hard to imagine that in that era there wasn’t a obesity epidemic, which is something very common nowadays in our society. That’s because the food was limited, driving the community to live in a ravenous hunger, in this way, big breasts have a large reserve of fat, or what is equal, caloric reserves. This means, a better food reserve and at the same time increased the possibility of survival of the babies.

To prove this hypothesis, a group of researchers showed photographs of different breast sizes to different men, with a socio-economy ranging that goes from rich to poor. The result was that the poor had a preference for large breasts, while rich men mostly chose slim models, which fit their current tastes and not their socioeconomic needs.

Another curious fact of these crazy investigations is that some pictures of women with different sized breasts were shown to 100 hungry men, then showed the same pictures to 100 men who had just eaten. Strangely, men who were hungry seem to have a preference for large tits, unlike men who recently ate. The final results of the research suggest that one of the determining factors for men is their resources because they are one of the most important factors when choosing the ideal size of the breasts.

Breast size and sexism

To conclude, there’s another study that link male sexism and the preference for one breast size or another. In this study 400 men participated and they considered that breasts of medium size were more attractive. In the same way, these researchers asked them to complete a survey related to their feelings about the women who live in the society that we all have today. The results showed that most of the egalitarian men preferred small breasts.

Likewise, male tastes vary because escorts will always be sought, regardless of the size of their breasts, perhaps some more than others, but actually all women have at least a couple of men who likes their bodies just the way they are. Everything is much more complex than the simple stereotype we usually know.

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